Stigmatized Drummer v1.2 Full Pack


Includes : Stigmatized Drummer v1.2 Software

               :1500+ grooves of the highest quality (all Stigmatized Drummer Groove Packs)

With the addition of many new features(automation on every control,drum maps for almost any major Drumming software plus the ability to convert any groove to any other drumming software format,advanced round robins,left right hand alternates....etc) and all these together in one Pack 

Stigmatized Drummer becomes a "must" in your studio arsenal.

Very Important!!!...If you have the free Kontakt Player and not the full version of Kontakt it will not support Stigmatized Drummer (It will be treated as demo and it will work only for 15 minutes)

Stigmatized Drummer requires a full version of Kontakt 5.6.5 and above...So if you don't have the full version of Kontakt don't buy Stigmatized Drummer...

!!! Important !!!

Download Guide

​When your purchase will be completed do not close your tab!!!

After a few seconds a new tab will be automatically open

and you will be redirected in the download page of the  product. 

Download and have a happy "Drumming!!!


/ Katerini / Greece
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