Stigmatized Drummer Groove Pack Vol 5



Stigmatized Drummer is probably the first (and maybe the only) Drumming software in the market that comes with a complete set of Greek Traditional and Ethnic grooves created exactly as they are performed on the Greek Discography. Contains 350+ grooves of the highest quality with a huge number of Drum Fills and Variations covering all styles (Funk Tsifteteli, Straight Tsifteteli, Roumba, Roumba Cut Time, Zeimpekiko, Aptaliko, Palio, Kamilieriko, Xasapiko, Eksaria(6/8), Syrta-Kalamatiana(7/8), Tsamika(3/4), Slow Rock...etc). With all these grooves ready to be drag'n'droped in a midi track of your DAW is almost impossible to not find the right drum patterns for your song.

Stigmatized Drummer Groove Pack Vol 5-Greek Ethnic is included in Full Software Pack of Stigmatized Drummer so there is no need for the existing users to purchase separately.

This pack is created mostly for users who work with a different Drumming Software  and want to include these grooves in their workaround.

Antonis Pitliakas/Stigmatized Drummer Groove Pack Vol 5/Greek Ethnic

Antonis Pitliakas/Aivaliotiko

Stigmatized Drummer

Antonis Pitliakas/Greek Songs Pot Pouri

Stigmatized Drummer